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Document Remediation Services

Is your content falling short on accessibility standards? Our Document Remediation Services are your shortcut to inclusivity. Let’s make your documents universally accessible – contact us now!

Our Services

PDF Remediation

PDF remediation improves PDF accessibility, making content inclusive for all by addressing issues like alt text, document structure, and readability.

PowerPoint Remediation

PowerPoint remediation optimizes presentations for accessibility, emphasizing headings, alt text, clear visuals, and navigation.

InDesign Remediation

InDesign remediation enhances document accessibility by refining styles, alt text, and formatting, fostering inclusivity and compliance with accessibility standards.

Word Remediation

Word remediation improves accessibility by structuring documents, adding alt text, and ensuring readability, ensuring content is accessible and inclusive.

Excel Remediation

Excel remediation enhances spreadsheet accessibility through structured tables, clear headers, alt text, and logical reading order, ensuring inclusivity and usability.

About Aligotech

At Aligotech, we’re committed to top-tier Document and Web Accessibility Services, meeting high standards for inclusivity. Specializing in WCAG and Ontario AODA guidelines, we excel in accessibility compliance. Since 2017, we’ve built a proficient team, delivering quality services for complex projects.

Trust us for document accessibility services, including PDFs, forms, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, compliant with international standards.

Aligotech is your partner for accessibility, enhancing user experiences worldwide. We’re eager to collaborate with you for a more accessible digital world.

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